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①Please be careful not to talk too much about things that have not been discussed in the stream.

- Please do not publish the contents of games other than the game you are playing, or the names of other distributors as much as possible.

②I will proceed with the game at my own pace and in my own way. If there is something, I would be happy if you could make a comment that is not an instruction but an advice.

—When you need advice, I will call you. Until then, please watch over us warmly.

"You can't smell it either."

③ Watch the stream with good manners, participate and have fun.

—Even if you see any of the above or other violations of manners, there is no need to warn them directly.

"Depending on the situation, Eru may take measures such as leaving the castle."

"I hope you'll enjoy the stream that's coming."

(4) We may register you as a friend when you participate in a participatory distribution, but we will cancel your registration after the distribution ends. Thank you for your understanding.

—Friend registration is limited to friends such as broadcasters.

【Clipping video】

Clipped videos are welcome.

There are a few things I would like to ask you about.


①Be sure to include the source video URL and Eru Nanahoshi's channel URL in the summary column.


Please use the template below.


[Original video] (URL)


Eru Seven Stars



#七星える #Eru Nanahoshi #える観望 #えるログ


② Please refrain from posting or reprinting unedited videos.

③ Please stop clipping maliciously.

④ Clipping of the song frame is not allowed.

Also, please check the terms of use of the other party before posting clippings of the collaboration video.

【terms of service】

- Eru Nanahoshi is privately operated

-Please do not use Eru Nanahoshi's materials (illustration, video, audio, etc.) beyond the scope of the quotation.

-Please do not use Eru Nanahoshi's creations (icons, headers, thumbnails) without permission

- Doujin activities are welcome, but please refrain from selling goods.

-Please do not disturb other people around you, including mothers, fathers, creators, and listeners.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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