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Elu Nanahoshi

A princess Vtuber who descended from the star country floating in the night sky.

Days of princess training in the virtual world.

She loves singing and acting ​ and is struggling to shine freely...★

​ーI want to deliver a fun time to everyone I meetー


[Name] Nanahoshi Elu

[Birthday] September 7

[Age] 21.2 years old in your world ✨ Because the flow of time is different

[Height] 162cm

[Favorite 〇〇] Sweet things (chocolate), spicy food, cute things,

Games, songs, plays 🌟 I love stimulation

[Not good at 〇〇] Insects, horror


General #七星える

Broadcast tag #える観望

Clipping #えるログ

Listeners #星騎士

Elu's mark 🌟💎

fan art #える図鑑

cooking photo #星騎士団食堂


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