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3/6 2nd virtual product exhibition delicacy market

7/23 Virtual product exhibition Summer Hokkaido product exhibition

10/21~ Participated in Vuimyu V Match and won the Grand Prix

December sumo56 Concept movie narration

April 100 hour curry product PR & collaboration set sale


Official distribution on other platforms


This is the content that has already been held and shared.

Some projects are currently in progress, so we will update it from time to time.

【Things we would like to receive positively】

- Food PR related

​ーPlans to revitalize regions such as regional PR and local production for local consumption

- Play related

-By improving your skills and making listeners happy

【Things we cannot accept】

- Delivery projects on other platforms

- Solicitation of office affiliation

We have a business tie-up with a company for some activities (transmission to overseas).

Please contact us for work requests and consultations.

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